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Poloniex Review (2022): Poloniex Fees, KYC & Limits.
Founded in 2014, Poloniex is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the cryptocurrency market.
Poloniex today operates under the umbrella of TRON and attracts traders with its revised KYC requirements and newly launched products which I’ll talk about in this review.
Before going over Poloniex fees, limits, KYC requirements, etc., let me first sum up the recent history of Poloniex.
As a US based, regulated cryptocurrrency exchange, Poloniex was acquired by Circle in 2018 and continued to operate as a fully regulated exchange.
But, due to the extensive competition in the market, Circle basically gave up Poloniex and with the support of Asian investors including Justin Sun, Poloniex became an independent, international company, leaving US regulations behind.
Today, Poloniex allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and engage in futures trading without requiring KYC and offers a pretty competitive fee structure.
Table of Contents.
Poloniex fees.
Poloniex has very low trading fees compared to most cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.
The standard fee on Poloniex is 0.1450% / 0.1550% (M/T).
But, if you hold more than $49 worth of TRX in your account, you’ll be paying a fee of 0.0805% / 0.0875% (M/T) for your trades providing that you opt-in to paying fees with TRX.
By holding TRX in your Poloniex account and opting-in paying fees with TRX, you can receive a 30% fee discount on Poloniex.
Also, if you register on Poloniex with the code "7LD7U8UZ", you’ll get a 10% trading fee rebate for 6 months.
You can opt-in to paying fees with TRX on the settings > more settings page.
If you want to trade on Binance as well, you can get a 45% fee discount on Binance trading fees through Binance fee discount.
Poloniex futures trading fees.
Futures trading fees on Poloniex are 0.010% and 0.075% for makers and takers respectively.
For futures fees of Binance and BitMEX, check out the tutorials below:
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Poloniex margin trading fees.
Margin traders are charged two kinds of fees. One is the regular spot fee which I mentioned above. The other one is the margin interest fee.
The interest rate for loans on Poloniex is specified in the loan and is paid after positions have been closed.
How to open a Poloniex account?
Step 1: är binancebesparingar säkra Fill out the registration form.
To create your Poloniex account, first visit Poloniex. And enter your email address and password of at least 8 characters in the registration form.
Use the code "7LD7U8UZ" to get a 10% trading fee rebate for 6 months. Click the "click to verify" button to pass the robot test and tick the box to agree to the terms. And lastly, click the "sign up" button to create your Poloniex account.
Step 2: Verify your email address.
After filling out the registration form and clicking "sign up", you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address.
Check your inbox and click "verify my email" in the mail to verify your email address. After that, you are all set! You can start trading on Poloniex.
Does Poloniex require KYC?
Poloniex requires users to verify their identity for increased limits, margin trading and higher leverage in futures markets.
You can deposit assets, withdraw up to $10,000 worth of cryptocurrencies per day and trade futures with up to 10x leverage without verifying your identity.
Poloniex limits & KYC requirements.
Level 1 verified users, those who verified their email addresses, can withdraw up to $10,000 worth of cryptocurrencies per day and trade futures with up to 10x leverage.
If you need higher limits or want to engage in margin trading on Poloniex, бинанце како купити битцоин you can verify your identity by providing your name, address and phone number and enjoy higher limits, margin trading and 100x leverage.
Trading on Poloniex.
You can engage in various trading activities on Poloniex. Besides spot trading, the platforms also supports margin trading and futures trading.
There are mainly TRX/crypto, BTC/crypto and stablecoins/crypto pairs on Poloniex besides a few other altcoin pairs.
The platform is also available on App Store and Wie kaufe ich Bitcoin in einem Bitcoin-Automaten? Google Play, so you can trade on Poloniex from your mobile phone as well.
To start trading on Poloniex, you can deposit any of the supported cryptocurrencies into your Poloniex wallet.
Poloniex supported cryptocurrencies.
Poloniex currently supports a wide variety of coins and tokens which you can check on the platform and CoinMarketCap.
Being no longer bound by US regulatory framework, Poloniex also seems to speed up the listing of new cryptocurrencies.
There are currently various altcoins such as Ethereum, XRP, TRON, Cosmos and LINK and various stablecoins such as USDT, USDC and DAI on the platform.
Poloniex futures trading.
You can trade USDT-collateralized Bitcoin perpetual futures on Poloniex. The platform allows users to trade futures with leverage up to 100x.
But, if you have not completed the identity verification on Poloniex, you can only trade futures with 10x leverage maximum. To increase this limit, you need to verify your account to Level 2.
Futures trading on Poloniex is similar to binance cijena Futures, if you have not traded cryptocurrencies with leverage yet or want to learn more about futures trading, you can check out our guide to Binance Futures.
Poloniex lending.
Poloniex allows users to lend their cryptocurrencies to other users who want to trade on margin on the platform. You can go to the lending page and offer your cryptocurrencies as a loan to margin traders.
To offer a loan, binance p2p qanday ishlaydi you need to enter the amount of coin you want to offer as a loan, the duration and the rate.
If you offer a loan at low rates, there is a higher chance that it will be picked up by margin traders.
If you do want to lend your cryptocurrencies on Poloniex, you can refer to this guide for detailed information and risks.
Poloni DEX.
Poloni DEX is Poloniex’s decentralized exchange based on the TRON network, just like Binance’s Binance DEX which is based on the Binance Chain.
Poloniex acquired TRXMarket in 2019 and rebranded it to Poloni DEX. Poloni DEX is a TRON-based decentralized exchange with zero trading fees.
Poloni DEX is currently one of the top TRON-based decentralized exchanges by volume. We have not reviewed Poloni DEX yet, binance dex resinsje but if you are interested in trading on decentralized exchanges, you can check out our reviews of Ethereum and TRON based DEXes.

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